distractions or removing the "personality" from the house, the choice of colours is very important when selling your property. Picking a neutral colour like beige or cream helps stoke the interest of those looking at online photographs. Just imagine a bright yellow house on your computer screen! Let's look at some neutral colour trends to help you sell your home: • Green: A mid-range green, not too dark and not too light, can be a versatile colour to bring out the best in your home. Green has a cheery, homespun coziness when paired with yellow, but it also brings out the rustic features of the home when paired with an appropriate shade of brown. This is especially true for wooden cabinets in a kitchen or bathroom, creating an inviting atmosphere. However, caution should be used for using green against shrubbery or bushes. • Gray: In terms of sophistication and modern design, gray is an excellent neutral colour. It can help accent colours stand out (like a bright green lamp or a red plush chair) or be the focal point when used as a darker shade to enhance urban-styled furnishings. Of course, gray can be a bit dull and business-like if not used with caution, so experiment with different hues to achieve the desired effect. • White: White is an excellent colour to make your home's features pop. White matches just about every colour, whether it's used on the wainscoting, awnings, or ceilings. However, it should be noted that many shades of white are available, and not all are created equal. Also, 27

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