Once you've chosen which neutral colours best suit your home, don't forget that adding a splash of colour can bring a room to life. A light blue room with a splash of orange can open it up and play on the contrasts. Try to keep the colour ratio at a maximum of 80% neutral and 20% others to avoid having colours clash. Craftsmanship Authenticity is a big factor in selling your home. Many can claim to have replicas, but to feature a genuine display of artwork or artisanal furnishings and features (e.g. a custom fireplace or ornate woodwork on the stairs and trim) can be a key factor in convincing a prospective home buyer that your home is the one they want to buy. Bold Front Door An easy way to snag buyers is to emphasize your house's curb appeal with a boldly painted front door. A dark red door among neutral colours can have potential home buyers eager to see what else the home features. Embracing Textures It is widely believed — mistakenly — that a neutral home must be a boring home. In reality, many neutral features could work well with some creativity. Do not be afraid to experiment. For example, mixing wood grains with plain window dressing can work, as can faux fur with exposed brick. This can be especially interesting visually, as it emphasizes or deemphasizes different features depending on your colour and texture combinations. Shape and Space Considerations Don't forget to use the room's shape to your advantage when selling your home. Instead of large wraparound couches, more elegant pieces of furniture can create a visual impression of space and utility, which is a proper use of minimalism. Think about the flow of traffic and the way people walk through your home. Make it easy.


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