Emphasizing organizational systems of the house, like hidden closet space or functional artwork, can open up new possibilities to potential buyers and have them already mentally unpacking all of their possessions before they even see another home. Open Layout If you have two adjoining rooms with a similar purpose, consider knocking down the walls to create an open floor plan. For instance, a kitchen and a dining room can be combined to create a more open atmosphere for entertaining guests and family, which is a great selling point for home buyers. The same can work for a dining room and a living room, forming a "great room" space that can create a stunning impression for those that visit the home. Before removing any walls, be sure to contact a trusted contractor, engineer, or designer. Universal Designs Considering that many homeowners will be approaching their twilight years soon, having handicap-accessible features that can accommodate older families can be a huge selling point. This can include roll-in showers, floating cabinets/sinks, wide doorways, and wheelchair-accessible entrances, to name a few. Many features designed for seniors or those with disabilities will be very beneficial to them and won't bother other homebuyers, so consider incorporating them, especially if your home is located in a retirement-age area. Make It Green The "Green" (environmentally friendly) remodelling trend is here to stay. From increasing energy efficiency and healthier indoor environments to using sustainable materials, making your home greener is an attractive feature to home buyers who want to save money (including federal/local subsidies for participating programs) and feel good about contributing to the welfare of future generations.


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