Smarter Homes Technology is bringing enhancements to homes and lifestyles daily, so expect potential home buyers to inquire about how "smart" your home is. Automation for appliances, utilities, and security at the touch of a smartphone can be attractive features for your home. It is important to find a system that can work in the future, so be sure to find a dependable company with software that can be updated as newer features come on the market. Be careful if you plan to go all the way in making your home a "smart home," though, as many seemingly-reliable companies peddling such features have gone defunct, leaving the formerly-interconnected home features not only useless but vulnerable to security problems! Hardwood Flooring Hardwood flooring is a versatile component and an aid in selling your home. It matches nearly any style and allows the potential home buyer to stain it with whatever colour matches their current furniture. Stainless Steel Kitchens In almost perfect contrast to the white kitchens we discussed before, stainless steel can blend in with different colours to create a cohesive effect while still having the visual luxury of exposed metal. In addition, clean-up is much easier and stainless steel won't rust over time, which is an attractive feature to home buyers. Don't Forget the Ceiling While we cautioned homeowners to get rid of textured popcorn ceilings to create a look of timeless elegance, consider replacing them with planks or a grid-like coffered ceiling to give a room a fresh character. This is especially true for rooms like a den or a study.


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