not, be ready to warn each buyer who comes to view your home that the roof does need some work. You also need to be prepared to adjust the selling price since the new homeowner will be the one paying. It may also be a good idea to forward the roofing estimate to the buyer, so they can see the potential costs involved. Otherwise, have the repairs done as soon as possible to ensure that the condition of your roof does not worsen, and adjust your selling price to factor the value of the repairs into the overall price. Upgraded homes that have been repaired and are overall in great condition are more likely to sell faster and for more money than their less-maintained counterparts. As an added step, have a roofing specialist conduct a maintenance service and certify your roof for an additional four to five years. Once you have this certification, you can show potential buyers that they will not have to worry about issues with the roof for the duration of the guaranteed period. This may not be available in all areas, so it is a good idea to see if your local roofers offer such a service.


Many homeowners overlook the importance of replacing their old win comes to renovating, upgrading, and improving the home before putting it on the market. Old, outdated windows should be replaced with new ones for energy efficiency, safety, and security. Even though replacing all your old windows may be costly, depending on how large your home is, the dimensions of the windows that are needed, and the total number of windows that need to be replaced, it’s a task that is worth it when contemplating the sale of a house.


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