CHAPTER 7 Flooring, Walls, and Lig alls, and Lighting

So far, we have examined the pros and cons of remodelling and who can help you make intelligent decisions about where to direct your time, money, and energy. Now we will discuss in greater depth the projects you might undertake to improve value or salability and what materials you should consider using to ensure you are getting the most significant possible ROI on your project.


Floors have become showpieces for well-decorated homes in recent years. This highlights the importance of your decision to change what you have, whether that means carpet or hardwood. It is no secret that hardwood floors are far and away the most popular flooring choice across the nation. This is not a new trend, and the preference for hardwood flooring has been growing since the early 1980s, becoming the dominantly preferred surface by the 1990s. This preference for hardwood has continued to grow well into the first decades of the 2000s. Realtors® confirm this is often a requirement for the homes people want, and some actively screen out any homes that do not have hardwood flooring. In a recent survey on a Realtors® website, 95% of consumers preferred hardwood for common living areas such as the living room, dining room, and family room. If your hardwood flooring is hiding underneath carpet, rip up the carpet and refinish the hardwood floors. It could instantaneously improve your home's value and help it sell faster. If you can't afford to do all of it, or if it's too inconvenient, 48

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