No doubt you can remember not very far back when the colour of choice for nearly every wall was white. Bland, boring white. Of course, there was also that phase of bold, dark colours in the 1990s that seems a bit tacky by contemporary standards. And if we go back a bit more, we might be able to remember wallpaper covered with very small print that looked like a precursor to those Magic Eye pictures. Times and tastes change. If you are looking at selling your home in the near future, a few things will help you more for less money than a fresh look on the walls. Keep in mind, though, buyer preferences are likely different than they were when you first bought your home.


Paint is the most popular wall covering and has been for years. It is easy to apply yourself, is relatively cheap, and anything but an eggshell or flat finish is easy to clean. A satin finish provides a good balance of qualities by offering a slight sheen that brightens the room without also advertising any flaws in the wall the way a glossier finish would. When it comes to colours, avoid painting a room entirely in a bland colour like white or a bold colour like violet or deep blue. One particular colour to avoid is orange, which says is a turn-off to at least 54% of buyers. Instead, go with a warmer, lighter hue. Popular colours include greens, blues, yellows, and even grays. Feel free to paint the trim or decorate with a bolder colour to accent the room. If you are adventurous, you can even go ahead and do a whole accent wall in a bold colour — just not in every room.


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