One place where white is still recommended is the exterior of the home. It looks clean and is easy to accent by painting the trim, doors, and shutters a bolder colour that will help your home stand out from the crowd and enhance its curb appeal. When it comes to how much to spend, there is not much to worry about here. A hundred dollars will buy you all the paint and materials you need for nearly any given room. If you are repainting with the same colour or one similar to what is already there, you can save a little money by going with a lower-quality paint and only doing one coat. If you are completely changing the colour, spend extra money on good quality paint.


Once the most popular option for covering up drywall or accenting a room in the form of borders, wallpaper has fallen on hard times of late, and with good reason. More than most other options, wallpaper is highly personal. Most people are not likely to love eagles, wolves, or a particular flower as much as you once did. On top of that, improperly applied wallpaper can begin to peel and is nearly impossible to remove without causing damage to the walls — damage that then has to be repaired before painting can begin. For these reasons, nearly every agent working today will encourage a seller to remove it and switch to paint before listing. It is worth noting that wallpaper is making a minor comeback. If you spend time watching shows like Property Brothers, you will have noticed it showing up in nurseries and laundry rooms on occasion. Given this, there is no harm in checking with a real estate agent to see if there are buyers in the area who are actually interested in the more modern designs of wallpaper. Still, should you go this route, approach with extreme caution and do not proceed


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