CHAPTER 8 Cooking Up a New Kitchen

You've heard it said before, and we will say it again — kitchens sell houses. Especially with the rise of eat-in kitchens and breakfast nooks tucked in out-of-the-way corners, the kitchen is a place where your family is likely to spend a considerable amount of time together. It is also very often located in either a central position in the home or is one of the first places you walk through when entering from the garage or front door, making it an area that you are at least going to pass through several times a day even if you so eat out two of every three meals. As such, kitchens are a prime target for any home remodelling project. They are also one of the places where you can get into trouble, spending far more money than you will ever see in return. If you recall from earlier, a mid-range kitchen remodel has a much better ROI than a more expensive job will provide. Therefore, we'll be steering towards a combination of simple, quick fixes you can use on a tight budget and other, more ambitious projects you can tackle if you have more time and money. If your budget is high and you must have those marble floors and countertops, go right ahead. In fact, send pictures — that sort of thing looks great. It's just not our focus here, and it would be for your enjoyment, not selling.


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