Unless you have a very modern kitchen with point-of-use refrigerators, drawer microwaves, and everything else hidden behind cabinet doors, a buyer's eyes are naturally going to be drawn to the appliances. If they are clearly old, whether a white one that's gone dingy with use or even the dreaded avocado green, they will be sure to turn the buyer off. A relatively inexpensive solution is to replace your older appliances with new ones sporting a stainless-steel finish. It offers the same look, feel, and protection of full stainless at a lower cost. And if you are not listing for a while, don't feel like you need to replace everything all at once. Instead, take it one at a time — just make sure they match when it comes time to sell. As for what to get, stay away from the luxury brands. They just don't bring enough ROI. Instead, look for a good consumer brand with solid reviews. Keep in mind when replacing appliances that sleek is in. If you do opt for luxury, again, remember it is for your enjoyment, not to increase ROI. If you have an old electric coil stove, get rid of it, replacing it with a smooth top stove. Where possible, budget and space allowing, put in a cooktop stove, separate from the oven, and put the oven in the wall, opening at approximately waist height. This will make your home look more high-end. If your fridge has a massive ice maker with tons of buttons, consider looking for a replacement with a water filter mounted on the inside, keeping it out of sight. In general, the less busy the visible surface, the better.


Cabinets can easily be the second most or even the most


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