expensive aspect of a kitchen remodel. If you have the money, replacing all the cabinets with a contemporary style that focuses on simplicity will serve you well. When doing this, get cabinets that go to the ceiling, adding valuable storage space and removing collection points for the dust and junk that tend to accumulate on top of lower cabinets. Maybe a complete kitchen renovation is not within the budget. If you like the appearance of new, but prefer not to paint the fronts yourself, you could remove the doors and drawer fronts and have them professionally spray painted. A step further would be to replace the cabinet doors and drawer fronts with new ones, if the cabinets are still in good condition. Most manufactured kitchen cabinets are a standard size, so replacing the door fronts can be relatively easy. If your kitchen was custom-built initially, you might need to have a cabinet maker make your new door and drawer fronts. Still less expensive and disruptive than a whole new kitchen. A simple paint job will accomplish the same effect if you already have wood cabinets and doors. White is a popular colour for kitchens, though grays are also in vogue. Make sure you get good quality scrubbable paint for the cabinets since they will take the beating a kitchen often receives. Going cheap here can lead to scratches and chips within weeks or months, ruining the effect for a buyer. Also, on the cabinet front, one can give an updated look to existing cabinets by replacing the hinges, handles and pulls. Feel free to go with a uniform brushed nickel look or add a splash of colour with accented pulls, breaking up the white. Another excellent feature to add, either as part of a full-scale remodel or as a separate project, is drawers and shelves that slide out. This allows the contents to be organized and accessed easily without bending over and reaching into the back of a cabinet,


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