groping for that can of beans you swore you put there last week.


Laminate counters were once the norm throughout many kitchens. These days, options like butcher-block tops, quartz, and even concrete have grown in popularity. Granite was once the go- to option for a countertop upgrade and is still very popular, but it has lost much of its lustre in recent years. Part of the reason is that it has become considerably more mainstream, losing its rarity value. Granite counters also need to be resealed annually to prevent stains, and are very unforgiving to anything that you might drop on them. Because of this, crushed quartz tops have become an immensely popular alternative to granite. Quartz is available in more colours, is more forgiving, requires less maintenance, and costs less than granite, making it an excellent option if your budget allows it. Butcher block is also a great option that won't break a moderately healthy bank account. It also provides a distinctive look that sharply distinguishes itself from the look of natural stone. Barring any of those options, going with a fresh laminate is a very budget-friendly option, and there are many styles now that imitate the look of granite and quartz. Using the same material for the backsplash can also help give a modern look to your kitchen at a fraction of the cost. One project to take on if there is any room in the budget is eliminating any choke points. For example, the kitchen is often a high-traffic area with people having to pass through it to get from one end of the house to another. Considering this, it is surprising that it was once common to have a peninsula come out directly across from the refrigerator.


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