or appliances, or by simple poor placement.

A quick fix for this is to get adhesive lights or rope lights to put under the cabinets. You can turn them on and off as needed, and if they are placed intelligently, they will add to the value of your kitchen with a minimal investment. These are a great solution for any dark pantries or cabinets in your kitchen and throughout the home as well. Naturally, if you are already doing things like replacing cabinets or the backsplash, it will make more sense to install the necessary wiring for installed lights under the cabinets.


You've taken all our advice and done the simple fixes to update your kitchen and still get a good amount of money back. Yet, it still needs something—time to get a little creative. Do you have empty wall space? Put up some open shelving. It is low cost, leaves the room feeling more open than if you installed cabinets, and can turn your normal-use dishes into a display piece while also allowing buyers to project their own tastes — their dishes, their favourite ingredients, their art. Do this with a little class, not just melamine shelving. It will be a showcase. What about the ceiling? If it is tall enough or has space in an area where no one will walk directly under it, you can install a ceiling rack for storing pots and pans. This creates an interesting atmosphere and lets you see what you need without rummaging through a stuffed drawer. It would be a good idea to spend some money on good quality pots and pans as they will be seen daily. Is there a lot of open floor space? If so, you can install a separate island. A simple countertop with some additional drawers for


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