CHAPTER 9 Living Room Upgr oom Upgrades and Renovations

Research and detailed planning are crucial for any successful remodelling project, especially when you plan to make changes that include structural renovations and working within a set budget. Good planning can help you remain within budget, as you will have researched the costs of each step in advance. Developing ideas and setting them in motion takes time, so ensure that you do your homework, always have your budget in front of you, and write everything down. Contact a trusted residential contractor if you are not planning on doing the work yourself. Be sure to get references, look at their previous work and speak with some of their past customers. This will help you get a much better idea of the cost. Once you have a general idea or theme for what you’d like to do, do some research and find examples of how the finished product will look. In planning renovations, think long-term, accounting for many years to come. If you are planning on having children within the next few years, consider your future children while planning your renovations and upgrades. Also, think of the possibility of senior parents moving in with you and how that will look and function. Your living room is where you will be entertaining guests, friends, family, or whoever else might frequent your home, and 64

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