renovations possible. In addition, it is a good idea to check your municipality to confirm whether you need a permit or not to finish the work. Renovating your attic into a bedroom has an ROI of 61% and is a "wow" factor to prospective buyers. An attic can easily be renovated, considering the basic structure is already present. Buyers love to see a home with an attic bedroom, as they are desirable, have quirky characteristics, and are charming overall. In addition, it costs about the same as a basement to renovate an attic into a bedroom and has a comparable ROI. For extra value, you could also consider adding a private bathroom into the attic bedroom, depending on how much available space there is and whether you will need to make a plumbing extension. If you decide to add a bathroom, no doubt buyers will be making you offers straightaway, as attic bedrooms with bathrooms are rare gems in real estate and are unlikely to be available unless a homeowner decides to install one themselves after they've made their purchase. Like other areas of your home, you can easily find the help you need to make an attic bedroom (or any other type of room) by speaking with your real estate agent. Your agent should be able to give you all the help and connections you need.


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