Bathrooms offer a challenge for homeowners in terms of storage. After installing a sink, bathtub, toilet, and shower, there still needs to be somewhere to store hygiene items and towels. In addition, these storage solutions must be aesthetically pleasing to potential home buyers, so it can be a balancing act to make sufficient space without becoming unattractive or overly utilitarian. However, there are solutions to make the most of available space: Vertical: Most bathrooms don't utilize the upper wall space, leaving these spaces barren. To remedy this, try installing multi- tiered shelving units strategically, with towels within easy reach of the bath or shower. Alternatively, recessed alcoves between wall studs can create functional spaces for holding smaller items. Moveable: Using baskets or hampers for items can make the most of spaces where cabinets cannot fit. Be sure these moveable additions match the bathroom's décor, even if they are not included in the sale. As for the cabinets, be sure that the materials are up to date and not reflective of short-lived trends, as these can work against a seller when they fall out of fashion. Also, make sure the colours of the cabinets are neutral and that they are made of moisture- resistant wood appropriate for the bathroom.


An attractive and functional shower is a great way to attract home buyers who may imagine luxurious and refreshing daily rituals when they purchase the home. Frameless glass shower enclosures enhance the spa-like feel of the atmosphere, match just about any colour scheme, and are more appealing than flimsy plastic enclosures.


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