CHAPTER 1 How Making Small Changes and Improvements Can Gain You Thousands

Today’s housing market is more competitive price-wise than it has ever been. In this environment, it’s on the seller to go that extra mile to ensure their house stands out from the rest. The homes that stand out sell the fastest, for close to or even above listing price. But it doesn’t have to take forever or cost an arm and a leg. The good news is that dis-tinguishing your property can be done with some self-labor and little cost. In selling a home, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t bother to do these small things that can improve your sale price by probably thousands of dollars. This book is a look at the extra steps you can take to earn that extra money on your sale. These are proven methods to raise the sale price of your home. Home staging and these other strategies are backed up by statistics that prove the importance of these extra steps. Following these steps will not only improve your home, but will also make it much more welcoming to your audience during a drive-by or walkthrough. The improvements will affect its online presence a great deal, as well. Nowadays, there are so many media platforms where houses are advertised that it’s even harder to make your home stand out. That puts the importance of the home’s appearance even higher. There are plenty of options on how to get this done. You can do 2

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