This largely falls under the heading of internal staging; however, as the most important part of the staging process, it deserves a separate mention. You no doubt have heard of decluttering. That’s what this is, but focus on the items that are uniquely yours. As you can imagine, it doesn’t cost much. If you don’t have an “out-of-the-way” place in your home to store boxes, a storage unit will run $50-$100 a month. Keep in mind that if your home is staged properly, you needn’t worry about the expenditure for more than a month or two. The benefit is that decluttering preps the home in such a way that your mark is minimized as much as possible, allowing the buyers to visualize themselves in the home. In fact, 81% of agents report that staging accomplishes exactly that, and the more easily a buyer can see themselves in your home — the easier the home is to sell.


Furniture placement doesn’t cost much, especially if you’re able to move items around the house. However, you may need to replace or remove items that are damaged or worn. You could buy new, but a better solution might be to rent furniture for the time that your home is on the market. While it’s true that this can run in the hundreds of dollars, this step can more than pay for itself. Remember, an investment of 1-3% of home value leads to an 8-10% ROI.


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