it simple and to not miss anything. Decluttering the kitchen is a major activity, though, and that’s why it’s covered in a separate chapter. Here, we’ll discuss how to declutter your rooms and arrange the essentials neatly so that they don’t make a mess of your home at such a critical time. Home showing is more than strangers coming to your house expecting a great experience — it’s strangers who might make an offer and eventually purchase the property when they come over. Before you start clearing out items from the bedrooms, bathrooms, and living areas, it’s a good idea to look at the exterior of your home. This includes the garage, driveway, porch, and garden or lawn. Declutter these areas first, and then move indoors. Place all your tools in a box and store them away. Get rid of any empty car oil bottles or cans. Bring minimalism to the entire area by either throwing useless items out or storing things you don’t need or frequently use at least for the time being in a storage area until the sale is final.


• Avoid out-of-season clothes cluttering your closets, bureaus, beds, or furniture-tops. Your first step is to pack all these unwanted clothes in boxes or suitcases and put them away. • Use affordable organizers to place in drawers and cupboards to organize your jewelry, toiletries, undergarments, and other items neatly to clear away some storage space. • Take wall hangings down and store them. Leave on a few accent pieces, landscapes, or contemporary art prints — nothing personal. • If you’ve got children at home, sort through their toy


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