The attic is a place in just about every home where many things are just stored (often dumped), whether they are needed or not. Prospective home buyers will want to see your attic, not the boxes and “stuff ” in your attic, so it’s high time you sort out the mess for things that are required and things that aren’t. It’s a good idea to buy some plastic storage boxes with lids, baskets, and trash bags. Once you have a few storage boxes ready, label them with the type or category of things they hold. For example, one of the boxes may read “toys,” another one “books and magazines,” and so on. When going through the items stored in the attic categorize them and then start placing them in boxes accordingly. If you’re piling up boxes one over another, make sure you don’t place the one containing the most-used-items at the bottom. It will be very difficult to take things out when you need them. Some of these boxes may even qualify for charity, but we will discuss this at the end of this chapter. If there’s outgrown baby stuff, including walkers, strollers, baby car seats, booster seats, and so on, simply get rid of them or make a point to give them away to friends or relatives.


Decluttering can be a daunting task, and there is no guarantee when your home will be sold and how long you’ll need to stay in a staged house. You might need the stuff you packed away or put in the attic. But, at the same time, you should get rid of the clutter to make your home look neat and clean to the prospective home buyers. The solution is to store the things you don’t need daily in storage boxes or cartons, and put them in a place where they won’t be


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