CHAPTER 6 Staging Your Kitchen to Attract More Buyers

Staging the kitchen can have a major impact on the listing price and eventual sale price of your home on the real estate market. Why? The kitchen is the first thing home buyers usually see and if they find it attractive and modern, they could be willing to pay a price you set or pay a higher price than they normally would have. With a few simple and straightforward changes, you can transform your old kitchen into a modern space with all the desired amenities organized neatly and in place. Follow these tips to remodel and renovate your kitchen. It’ll attract more potential buyers for your home.


The kitchen is one of the more important rooms in staging your home. It’s advisable to go step-by-step to ensure you don’t miss anything. By now, you should see this coming — the first step in making your kitchen ready for sale is to clear out the clutter. Declutter it! Clean up the mess, make everything in the kitchen sparkle as if in a food commercial, and make space for possible renovations you may have in mind. Simply organizing can improve the appearance of any cupboard, rack, drawer or cabinet. Check out some DIY shelves for your cabinets to neatly place all the bottles, boxes, and cans. If your kitchen island has a place for seating, make sure you place barstools or chairs to use it. People find it extremely practical to 44

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