enjoys seeing colorful dolls and cars all over the floor. Do you golf in your hallway? Pack up the putting green. • Polish. Do a deep and thorough cleaning of every single room, and pay attention to the smallest details. When was the last time that you polished the wood or washed the windows? It’s time to do it now. Even the toilet should shine. Don’t forget the ceiling fans with their dusty blades. • Put away memories. It might be difficult to do if you’re staying in the house until it sells, but it’s now time to take down all your family photos, certificates, sports banners, and anything else that has a personal touch. You want the potential buyers to see the house as an immediate home for them, not to have them subconsciously weighed down with the need to clear the house of all your belongings. • Fresh air. There are those people who love to open the windows every morning to let the breeze rush through, and then there are those people who couldn’t be paid to open the windows. If you never allow fresh air to blow through your home, then it has most likely developed an unappealing odor. Open up! Step back and look at your house with the eyes of a potential buyer who has never entered through the door. Do a walkaround on the outside, and then go slowly through the house to see what can be cleared away or scrubbed down. All of this might take some time, but it will save you money, whether you’re hiring a staging expert or doing it yourself.


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