Raymond Kerege - How To Find The Home Of Your Dreams

Ensure heating, air-conditioning, and electric is in good working order. Other aspects to consider when looking at the general

condition of the property are the heating and air conditioning systems. Have an expert assess that they’re the appropriate models and capacity, and that they’re working properly. Check the electrical panel. It shouldn’t be old or outdated, must be easily accessible, and in good working condition. Ensure wiring was done properly. You don’t want to spend a fortune rewiring the home to bring it up to a standard. Consider if there are enough power outlets and if they are in good condition.

Inspect basements and attics. Check the attic for water leakage issues. Look for water damage or leaks that may have affected the insulation, walls, and ceiling of the attic. Make sure the insulation is adequate for where the property is located. In the basement, look for evidence of moisture problems. Is there water leaking onto the floor or water around the foundation? There should be no cracks in the basement walls and any wood, such as those in exposed beams, should be in good condition with no rot. Look at pipes and turn on taps. Check that the plumbing is up-to- date. Run taps to ensure they work properly and the water pressure is strong enough. Exposed pipes in unheated areas should be insulated, as frozen pipes will eventually cause water damage. It’s particularly important from a health perspective to determine that the pipes aren’t made of lead. If they are, you’ll have to replace them. Also, check the age and condition of the hot water heater. Is the exterior of the home in good shape and well-maintained? Check for evidence of water around the foundation, which may indicate drainage issues. The ground should slope away from the foundation. If there’s a porch, it should have a foundation and not simply sit on soil. Check that driveways and walkways leading up to the house don’t have cracks and aren’t crumbling. Check that the siding of the home is in good repair. Look at the landscaping on the property. It shouldn’t be unkempt and unsightly, as that can


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