Raymond Kerege - How To Find The Home Of Your Dreams

a professional mortgage advisor, how do you get the best mortgage deal? The first step is a comparison of different interest rates. It’s easy to get quotes from companies, since most of these companies offer these services online. However, you, as the buyer, should be careful to not just compare interest rates. The best option is to compare the interest rates as well as all the fees, including origination fees, points, and any other fees that the lender might include in the deal. Any loan regarded as a no-fee loan means that all the fees have been included in the rates and as the buyer, you should make a point of noting that. You have the responsibility of ensuring you understand every aspect of the mortgage deal. Therefore, it’s upon the buyer to interview the person handling the loan. Another important step when buying a home is getting your credit report. The purpose of getting the credit report is not just to give you a chance of getting the best bargaining terms, but helping you know where you stand. It’s important because, at times, one might find that you aren’t creditworthy, and that will torpedo the deal. If a buyer finds himself in a situation in which he’s not creditworthy, it might be a good idea to use a credit repair company. Search for a

reputable credit repair company because there are credit repair companies that are either not good enough or charge too much. The company will help the buyer repair their credit as well as assist him/her in correcting any mistakes that might be in the credit report. As a new homeowner, it would be wise to remember that monthly mortgage payments aren’t the only expenses that


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