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THINGS THAT CAN DISRUPT YOUR DEAL Until the closing statement is signed by both you and the seller, nothing is certain. The deal might fall apart from one day to another. Here’s a list of common mistakes that may seem insignificant for the buyer at the first glance, but which, for the lender may mean a “yes” or a “no.” Be careful with other big purchases while trying to obtain a mortgage. Avoid charging your credit cards with thousands of dollars for unnecessary things. Buying furniture or opening a new line of credit may threaten the deal, as the lender may suspect that you’re cutting funds reserved for the real estate payment. It’s highly important to act responsibly and turn in all the required paperwork on time. Ensure you have enough time to review the closing statement; don’t be the reason the signing is delayed. One more detail involves the money you receive from family or friends. This kind of income should be cleared with the lender early in the process, in order for the sums to avoid being considered as further debt. Another way to delay the closure is by changing jobs or switching positions. These actions are highly questioned, especially if they lead to your main income no longer based on a monthly salary, but on commissions or performance bonuses. The unstable nature of a commission-based income might threaten the deal.


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