Raymond Kerege - How To Find The Home Of Your Dreams

With intrastate moves costing an average of $2,000-$3000, and interstate moves averaging $7,000-$8,000, you need to consider all your moving options carefully (including whether you might want to drive or ship off your car in advance). We recommend that you get at least three to four bids from different moving companies before you decide with whom to work with. That will ensure you get a fair price — and maybe even a good deal out of it. The first thing to consider while analyzing these bids is verifying that the movers you want to work with are legit and up-to-date with all the required insurance and approvals. The issue is choosing the right moving company to work with you. Here are some things to consider when hiring movers: • Consider reputation. Ask around for movers whom friends and relatives recommend based on their experience. Have at least three companies to compare services and reviews from before making your final choice. • Choose local. Oftentimes, local companies are the better choice in terms of budget and availability. • Ask for an in-house cost estimate. Let the movers see your belongings and inform them of the distance to your new home so they can quote you an estimate. • Look at the fine print. Check their cost estimate for hidden charges, insurance coverage, payment terms, and policy on damage to items. Compare these with the other movers you’re considering and base your decision on your comparisons. When making your final choice for a mover to hire, keep in mind that getting the cheapest mover doesn’t guarantee that you’ll save in the end. Cheap could mean mediocre service and damaged items, and you may incur other problems along the way. Choose wisely and take the above factors into consideration. RENTING A U-HAUL The U-Haul truck you rent to load and move your things when moving to a different location is a less-expensive alternative to professional


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