Authorify - Mortgage Lenders (Buyers) Preview

your starting point in going forward.

So, know your budget! Don’t just think about the overall home sale price; consider the down payment, the monthly mortgage payments, property taxes, homeowners’ association fees, maintenance, and closing costs. Too many buyers — both first- time home buyers as well as second- and third-timers — make the mistake of not factoring in and accounting for all associated expenses in buying a home. For example, a home might seem affordable to you at first glance, but there are always “hidden” expenses involved, which, if you aren’t prepared for them, could lead you into financial problems. If you’re not sure where to start, try an online mortgage calculator, which will take various factors into consideration, including your monthly income. I would also be happy to give you a preliminary estimate on what you can afford. One tip is to make a detailed examination of the housing market to figure out your price range, as well as determine any issues you might have in meeting your basic needs. Do research on items like school districts, crime stats, impending construction, or anything that could increase or decrease the value of a home.


This is where I come in. Yes, you can get a loan from most financial institutions, but the majority of home buyers contact lenders for mortgage loans because the full cost of a home is generally not within the purview of the typical buyer’s assets.


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