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figure out what you need in your home (think number of bedrooms or bathrooms, yard, garage, basement, etc.) vs. what you want in your home (such as a fenced-in yard, gourmet kitchen, deck, walk-in closet). Then, write these items down when you’re shopping for a home. This will eliminate a lot of wasted time and energy looking at homes that don’t meet your criteria, and your budget, and will bring you that much closer to finding the right home for you. Keep in mind that no home is perfect. Be prepared to make some concessions, and remember that your ultimate dream home might be out of reach — for now. Nobody said that your first home has to be your last home!


Now comes both the fun part as well as the tricky part — looking at homes. The fun part is searching and viewing online homes that meet both your budget and criteria, as well as visiting open houses, allowing you to figure out and see for yourself what is and isn’t the right home for you, and then finding it. You should make sure a thorough search is completed on all the available for-sale homes that fall within your price range and meet all the needs — and at least several of the wants — on the lists you wrote out in the third step. The tricky part? You need to examine each property’s condition so that you know exactly what it is you’re getting. Who knows what a seller or a listing agent is disclosing to you? Hire a qualified home inspector to inspect all aspects of the home, such


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