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I’m not talking about interior design or décor, which are all things that can be modified, upgraded, or even completely renovated in time. Rather, I’m talking about the type of home — such as a condo, a townhouse, a bungalow, a two-story home, etc., as well as big-ticket items like a garage, yard, basement (finished or unfinished), dining room, staircases, where the bathrooms are located in relation to the bedrooms, etc. In other words, how was the home architecturally designed? Perhaps you’re a first-time home buyer who’s single, and you’re looking for a condo in a multi-story building where you’ll meet plenty of people. Or perhaps you and your partner have outgrown your smaller starter home, and you need to upgrade to a larger home with three bedrooms in close proximity to a bathroom, and perhaps on a second story, with the kitchen and living room on the main floor. Design matters! You need to determine the right type of home design that meets your needs and those of your family, if applicable.


Once you’ve found the home that you and your agent are sure is the one — it falls within your price range, it’s in the right area and neighborhood, it meets all your needs criteria and maybe most of your wants, it’s been thoroughly inspected and examined — it’s time to make an offer. This is the first step to actually purchasing a specific property.

“Making an offer” essentially means proposing a price to buy the


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