Kayla Kraemer- Seller Guide

Staging your home can help buyers see the full potential of the space and envision its possibilities. Staging simply means preparing your home for sale by temporarily furnishing and decorating rooms to make them more attractive to buyers. Too many personal items can be distracting to buyers and get in the way of them envisioning your home as their future home. On the other hand, empty rooms appear smaller than they are, and rooms without any decor come across as cold and impersonal. Home staging strikes a balance and can help your home stand out online. Staging your home can increase the offers you receive and help your home sell more quickly. According to a 2021 survey by National Association of Realtors®: 82% of buyers agents said a staged home made it easier for buyers to visualize the property as their future home. 31% of agents said that staging a home greatly decreased the amount of time it spent on the market. 23% of agents said staging a home can increase the dollar value offered by as much as 10%.

2022 Seller Guide


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