Raymond Kerege - 27 Mistakes First-Time Home Buyers Make

walk into an open house without having an agent. The listing agent is the seller’s representative, is paid a commission on the sale price, and has the seller’s interests in mind. A buyer’s agent, on the other hand, is paid from a commission that is split with the seller’s agent. All-in- all, it’s pointlessly risky to negotiate conditions and sale price without proper professional representation on your side. NOT CONDUCTING A PROFESSIONAL HOME INSPECTION It can be a costly mistake to rely on the seller to inform you about house problems. Prior to closing on the sale, you need to know the property’s specific condition. Any sales agreement must be conditional on the satisfactory results of a complete and comprehensive home inspection by a reputable and qualified home inspector. This will disclose structural and systems issues or weaknesses that can run the gamut fromplumbing, gas, and electrical problems to full-blown structural integrity problems in roofing, walls, or foundation. COMPROMISING ON YOUR NEEDS While compromises inmeeting your dream-home desires are necessary in a first-home purchase, do not compromise on your needs. You can do without the living room fireplace or swimming pool; however, don’t accept a two-bedroom home when you are planning to have children and will need three bedrooms. On the other hand, use your vision. Even if you hate the wall colors, but cannot afford to renovate immediately, it might be worth it to live with them temporarily in exchange for a house you can afford. If the home meets your needs in the location and size, don’t let lesser physical imperfections overpower your perspective. RELYING ON ONLINE SERVICES ONLY Now that many real estate transaction services are obtainable at the click of the mouse, many people have become too dependent on them. While it is true that loans can be obtained online and houses can be bought as well, failure to establish personal touch with lenders or home sellers could present costly misunderstandings in future or put you at a bargaining disadvantage. It might feel more convenient and less stressful to go through as much of the process as possible online, but you may


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