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• Add cabinet space or increase storage in the pantry. • Replace dated bathroom vanities. Pedestal sinks or trendy cabinet sinks have mass appeal. • Replace toilet seats. TWO ENERGY-SAVING UPGRADES TO LOWER UTILITY BILLS • Install an energy-saving smart thermostat (less than $300) that saves on utility bills. • Install solar vents ($500-$700) in the attic space that help expel hot air during summer months. MAKING A CASE FOR SPACE When people accumulate an abundance of possessions, they need space to store it.They also want a way to clear the clutter. According to the National Association of Realtors®, most homebuyers would have preferred improved and greater closet space, as well as other storage options. Consider these statistics showing what buyers are looking for in a home: • 93% wanted a laundry room • 90% wanted a bathroom linen closet • 86% wanted garage storage • 85% wanted a walk-in kitchen pantry STORAGE IS A PLUS Give buyers great storage and you’ve won their hearts. If you can add new closets to your home easily, do so. Building a simple closet isn’t difficult if you are moderately handy. If you’re selling an older home, where closet space is typically minimal, this will help! If your rooms are already small, you might not want to take any square footage away from them. Existing closets can be updated to maximize the space at hand.

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