Commercial Real Estate Book - Buying Book Preview

A lot of buyers will try and use the owner’s commercial agent. That’s a conflict of interest for you since their allegiance will be to the property owner. You need to match that with representation that only has allegiance to you. You need someone who is much more than a middleman. Listing agents have to protect their landlord’s interests. If you go through them, you may also be shown fewer properties. Tenant brokers (or buyer brokers) are prepared to guide you through the search like no one else is. They will be an efficient project manager with your search and your timeline. This is extremely valuable to you, and something a listing agent would never do. A listing agent may show you properties they have listed, and that’s it. You need your own representative for your side of the deal. Without it, you will be starting at a massive disadvantage.


They will start off by asking the right questions to help you determine your exact wants in location, size, and price. They will help find you the best space for your needs, present, and future. If you want to invest in a space that is bigger than your current needs, they can plan it for you, whether you want an investment or future space to grow into. You probably don’t have the technology to run estimates on the amount of space the building offers and the amount of space your employees need. You need to get space that makes financial sense. A broker will make sure this happens. Most likely their company has programs that can run test fits. The broker will also help you with your financial analysis and they’ll know where to get your best loan. This is a huge aspect of


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