Commercial Real Estate Book - Buying Book Preview

These are built to impress and often have their own amenities inside lobbies and on different floors. They don’t always have to be new; older and distinguished building can fall under this category as well. While Class B buildings can have their own amenities, there won’t be as many and they won’t be as high-quality.


This is your average everyday working office. There are a wide range of tenants in a variety of industries in these buildings. The building does not compete with Class A buildings but can often stand out in the area. The area around it is adequate and so are the amenities. There may not be the number of amenities in the building like Class A, but the lobby and common areas are pretty upscale. Some finishes may be outdated but these offices can have a few high-quality tenant improvements done to them. Maintenance and janitorial services are pretty good. The HVAC systems are usually functional but not top of the line. There usually is on-site parking, though not as convenient as Class A.


These are mainly for companies in a pinch, either time-wise or financially. If leasing, they can get a shorter lease, for less than the market average, in a lower-end area. These buildings are often more than 20 years old and are pretty run-down. The technology in the building is often outdated. There’s usually no tenant parking and each office has its own older HVAC unit, inside of one central unit for each floor. Upkeep and maintenance for Class C offices is lower quality. Also, if someone wants to maximize on the low price but add in fancier improvements inside, that’s often not possible and the building


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