Commercial Real Estate Book - Buying Book Preview

along major transportation routes. Companies that use this space usually need some office space to go along with their storage, manufacturing, and distribution areas. There are four different types of buildings in this category. Any of them can have loading docks for 18-wheelers to load and unload goods.


The largest manufactures fall under this type. They are almost always heavily customized to the company’s need. They usually need to be heavily renovated for a new tenant and usually have less than 20% office space.


These are much simpler buildings than the heavy classification ones that can be reconfigured in a much easier and quicker way for new tenants. They aren’t as customized and can be used for light assembly or storage. They can have less than 15% office space and include higher ceiling heights than other buildings to stack and store products. Most of these can include production, storage, and office space.


This kind of property is most likely used as a distribution center. They are the largest of the industrial properties and can range from 50,000 to 1,000,000 square feet. They require the easiest access for loading trucks and the easiest path for those trucks to get to the highway.


These types of industrial buildings give tenants flexibility in how they use the space. They can also be referred to as flex/tech space. They are office and industrial hybrids that can have anywhere


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