Commercial Real Estate Book - Buying Book Preview

200,000 square feet. The entire area is smaller than a community retail center and is more focused on the big chain. These usually include an outparcel, which is a separate building in the area reserved for a drive-thru or a bank.


These range anywhere from 400,000 to 2,000,000 square feet. They have a few anchor tenants that are big chains or department stores, and a high number of smaller tenants. Some of these can be “lifestyle centers,” which are basically open-air malls with more dining choices. Every one of these retail spaces is completely dependent on parking and traffic. All retail tenants need a minimum number of available parking spaces related to their square-foot ratio.


As mentioned under power centers, these are set aside for fast food or banks. They are attached to most power centers but could be attached to any type of retail area. All of these retail options can provide the most visibility to future clients or customers.


This group includes any residential real estate that is not a single- family home. It includes townhouses, condos, and apartments and can come in almost any shape and size and location. They usually include swimming pools, outdoor patios, and fitness centers.

You can separate them into five groups:

• High-Rise Apartments – Buildings with 9 or more floors


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