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A fewmonths later, the home sold for $408,000. They made more money, even after paying the real estate commission. Do these stories happen every day? No. Does this happen to every FSBO that hires a real estate agent? No. But, they happen more often than not. In most cases, the agent can sell the home for more money than the seller could sell it for on their own.


Let me give you a concrete example. I talked to a title company manager who handles both FSBO closings and real estate agent closings. He told me when an FSBO sells their home, it takes about 30 to 45 days for the two parties to sign off on the sale contract. He said sometimes they don’t even sign it until they sit down for the closing. When a property is sold by a real estate agent, the sales contract is usually signed in 45 hours , not days. Why does this matter to you? Have you ever heard of “buyer’s remorse?” It’s what happens when a buyer decides to buy your home, only to immediately begin questioning their decision. It doesn’t matter whether the decision was good or bad. I’ve seen buyers get buyer’s remorse when they were practically stealing homes. And, sometimes they still freak out and change their mind. If you’ve a signed contract, you can hold them to it. If not, they may walk away, and you’ll have to sell your home all over again. This isn’t to say that you can’t sell your home yourself. You probably can. But, unless you have sold a lot of homes yourself, then you probably aren’t set up as well as a professional real estate agent is. Doesn’t that just make sense? You likely hire professionals for many areas of your day-to-day living or business, so why not with home selling? Selling your home is a big deal and potentially worth a lot.


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