Shawn Mileham - ExpiredV1

What is your time worth? If it isn’t worth anything, you should sell your home yourself. But, I know that isn’t the case. Your time is valuable to you! I know from personal experience that most homeowners are successful, hardworking individuals. You have probably spent many hours becoming skilled at your own profession. I’m sure you have considerable specialized knowledge in your area of expertise. An outsider might look at what you do and think it’s easy. It’s not. You know it, and I know it. Run the numbers. Consider the valuable insight I’ve shared with you. When you’re ready to hire a highly skilled, professional real estate agent, give me a call. I’ll be glad to help you. When you’re ready to have me do all the work required to sell your home, contact me. I’ll help you take the first critical step: determining your home’s true value. With that number in hand, we’ll be ready to talk about listing and selling your home. And you’ll be able to make well-informed decisions.


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