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The rich and famous use this secret strategy to sell their homes. In one instance, a real estate agent reported that using this strategy caused one condo to sell for $110,000 more than a similar condo in the very same building! + The seller using this strategy sold their condo for $549,000. + The other did not and sold their condo for $439,000. Why did one condo sell for more than the other? In reporting, the real estate agent mentioned having intimate knowledge of both condos. Neither listing was bank owned, a short sale, or a distress sale. The only plausible explanation that one home sold for more than the other was the seller’s use of this secret home-selling strategy. This strategy is effective in any market. No matter what type of property is being listed, this approach works. It applies equally to homes, apartments, townhouses, or condos. Agents and sellers using these tactics have a greater chance of closing a sale, and for more money. Here’s how this particular real estate agent discovered the secret strategy—almost by accident. He met a wealthy executive who was interested in selling his condo. However, the man had a special request. He was willing to hire the agent, but on one condition. The real estate agent needed to agree to use the man’s secret method to sell the condo. It sounded crazy, and the agent was naturally skeptical.


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