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Let me help you: Do you know there’s a simple way that’s 100 percent free? As an agent, I have access to the same information. I’d be happy to put together a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) for your home! The CMA will provide you with the following: + Detailed information on each house sold in your area during the last six months, along with the final sale prices . If you are thinking of selling, this will help you price your home realistically. + Detailed information on all houses for sale in your area and their asking price . These homes are your competition. Skip ahead to the last chapter if you would like more information on how to request a free home valuation. Do your own homework: There’s a free way of getting a decent valuation of your home, but it’s risky and time-consuming. You can use the Internet to scout other homes that are for sale in your area, and narrow them down to those that are similar to yours. The prices on these homes can give you a good benchmark for setting your own price. HOW TO FIND ACCURATE COMPARABLE SALES AND USE THEM TO DETERMINE YOUR HOME’S EXACT VALUE Search Internet sites such as Zillow or, which can show you comparable sales. To search for homes similar to yours, enter criteria such as square footage, the number of bedrooms, etc. The key to finding accurate comparable sales is to find the properties that are closest in location, condition, square footage, features, etc. HOW TO DETERMINE WHICH COMPARABLE SALES YOU SHOULD USE AND WHICH TO IGNORE The following comparable sales should not be used. Very few of these properties sell for a fair value. Here is why each of these property types is not good for comparable sales. Bank-Owned/REO Properties: Banks always sell their homes for less than they are worth. I don’t know exactly why this is. But, they do it so often that I know it’s true.


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