Authorify - Home Improvements Book Preview

roof does nothing to add market value to a home. How do you square these seemingly contradictory statements? A roof is a bit like a bass player in a rock band; you should only really notice it when it isn’t doing its job. That is, a roof is not something you think about unless it is leaking or has a colony of moss growing on it. Therefore, while a bad roof can certainly detract from a home’s value, a solid, trouble-free roof is simply expected. Its chief value as a seller is how it may favorably compare with other, similar homes with older roofs that are showing clear signs of wear. Do not replace your roof with an eye toward selling unless your home clearly needs it. One caveat to include is that roofing items like energy- efficient architectural shingles with a transferable warranty may be highly attractive to the right buyer. Also remember that more money spent does not necessarily mean a bigger return. Going back to the kitchen example, a relatively minor remodel of $20,000 yields a much higher ROI than a $55,000 remodel. While buyers certainly love a large kitchen complete with island and shiny stainless-steel appliances, they won’t be as quick to assign significant value to whether it has the best hinges, custom stained cupboards, and imported Wolf appliances that money can buy. At some point, very high- end appliances can even be a turn-off either because the buyer is not familiar with them, or is too familiar and


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