Authorify - Home Improvements Book Preview

home as part of the process and either of these can derail a sale. An appraiser will notice such aging equipment and other factors like old carpet and flooring and adjust the home’s value based on the current market. Home inspectors are less concerned with market value but they will point out that even if it is running flawlessly now, a 25-year-old furnace can give out at any time, often leading a buyer to want the value of a new one subtracted from the sale price of the home. Even if you are intending to move in the near future, it is worth the cost to replace or repair the basic systems of your home. These systems do provide a good ROI, at least in terms of salability, and at the end of the day will at least make your remaining time there more comfortable. The furnace and air conditioning units can be a selling point if they are the new, energy efficient models. An additional bonus here is that there are often tax credits associated with such models, lessening your initial investment. Do not forget that even if some of these repairs do not add additional value in the eyes of a buyer, they do not subtract value either and will help your home sell faster than it would without them.


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