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a frenzy of activity--if your home is presented well online and priced fairly. You will receive texts, emails, and calls for showing appointment scheduling messages, repair appointments, and inspections.


Children and pets are distractions for potential buyers, affecting their experience of your home. You should plan for your children to be elsewhere and your pets crated or leashed, with no toys lying about or dog hair on the sofa. The dishes should be put away and the kitchen sparklingly clean. The pressure of showing to everyone even mildly interested in looking (not necessarily buying) may come from the idea that the more your home is seen, the more quickly and easily your home will sell. Many real estate agents show their clients dozens of homes to consider without a clear picture of what the buyer wants. Low-interest traffic can be heavy and a burden on the seller’s time, energy, and resources. Since a showing can take 30 minutes to an hour, finding an interested buyer is what matters most. The home will be shown to many more uninterested parties than to interested buyers. How many times will you have to show your home? In an ideal world, your property would be shown to serious buyers only. However, many “Sunday afternoon window shoppers” exist in the real estate business. You shouldn’t waste your time trying to appeal to uninterested buyers. This is where planning, organizing, and the professional help of a qualified real estate agent enables you to handle even the most intimidating tasks without wasting efforts.


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