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CHAPTER 4 Creating Curb Appeal

Someone said, “a stunning first impression is not the same as love at first sight." But surely it is an invitation to consider. This could not be truer than in selling a home. First impressions matter. Sometimes they are everything. Nothing sets the tone of a relationship (or transaction) more than a first impression, whether good or bad. So, consider what potential homebuyers may think as they drive up to your property for the first time. You do not have a lot of time to establish a curb appeal relationship with a prospective homebuyer. Whether cruising the web to view online photos from across the country or cruising by a home in the family SUV on a Sunday afternoon, home shoppers will decide at a glance whether they want to see more. “We buy ugly houses” is a sign seen stapled to utility poles. Rehabbers (flippers) look for ugly houses so they can pay the least amount possible. Don't let your house look "ugly" to a flipper. Small and inexpensive improvements can make a big difference. Creating curb appeal is essential to attracting interest in your home. How your home looks from the road is so persuasive that a well-prepared house may catch the attention of buyers who did not find the written description particularly compelling. A house that looks neglected may detour a buyer previously interested by the online marketing to cruise on by. Go around your block and compare your home to others. Is it appealing, pristine, and well-kept? Or are there necessary repairs


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