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experts, your neighbors, friends, and/or potential home buyers if you're not sure how to make your house show better. Take a drive around the surrounding area to check out any homes that are for sale. Do any of them appeal to you? Note why. Well- tended houses with trimmed bushes, groomed lawns, attractive landscaping, and a nice front door will be more impressive than homes with an unkempt walkway, uncut grass, and a paint-peeling front door. It takes hard work to get a home ready to sell. Anyone can put a house on the market, but not everyone sells quickly or with good profit. After your hard work, prospective buyers will be drawn to the inside of your home when they see how beautiful the outside is. It will be worth it!


An important part of curb appeal is the home’s “grand entrance” — the portal to even the most modest house. You want to create a sense in the buyer's mind that this is a great place to come home to. Impressing a guest at the front door is a vital part of the home sale. It is more than putting out a welcome mat and potted plants. You want prospective buyers to feel welcome, safe, and secure when they open the door. The doorknob is the first point-of-touch on a home. A flimsy lock or handle on the front door would make anyone feel uncomfortable. Security is super important! Make sure there is a heavy-duty deadbolt and turn-knob pair. An attractive steel entry door is well worth the cost. You may wish to install security cameras for extra security and peace of mind. The front door is a focal point, so make it impressive. Clean any door sidelites. Paint the door a contrasting color that


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