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complements the siding. Hanging a wreath is welcoming.


• Symmetry appeals to the eye and is easy to accomplish. The overall appearance of the home needs balance. • The mailbox should look attractive. A curb mailbox should be large enough to hold small boxes or magazines. Be sure the address is adhered to it. • Use outdoor lighting to highlight landscaping as well as for safety. • Use flower boxes, flower pots, or raised flower beds to add instant color. • Perhaps architectural molding might enhance doors or windows. • Keep shutters and house trim in excellent shape. Fence gates, arbors, or fence panels should be clean and fresh. • Clean downspouts and gutters. Repaint or touch up to eliminate rust spots. • Ensure the walkway to the front door is clear and approachable. • Paint or stain railings (if weathered). Curb appeal is one of the most essential elements in selling your home quickly and successfully. You can create interest in your home before buyers even step out of the car, no matter how uninterested they might have been initially. If you put money into cleaning up the outside of your home, buyers will be more likely to want to see the inside. Your home’s curb appeal draws buyers in, maintains their interest, and sets 21

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