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the saleability of the home by 75%!


The idea is to neutralize the home regarding personal taste or decoration such that buyers can easily envision the home as it would be outfitted in their taste or with their possessions without the distractions of the seller’s taste and possessions. In staging, distractions are removed so the buyer can imagine living in each space of the house. Only 10% of the population can visualize what a room might look like. Meaning 90% of people cannot imagine furniture in an empty room or look past your stuff in a full one. Usually when a stager sets up a room, that is the way the buyer will position their furniture when they move in. An effective way to appeal to the most people is to paint the main rooms a neutral color. I am a certified color expert and can help you choose neutral colors. Neutral does not mean boring. Neutral colors include greens, grays, creams, beiges, or yellows. The shade or the tint makes a huge difference. Did you know that nearly half of all paint sales are to correct a just-painted wrong color? Using the same color in visibly adjacent rooms gives the house a seamless look and uninterrupted flow. However, powder rooms or children's bedrooms can look more unique. Dark or bold wall colors can dampen interest in a home if used in large spaces; however, they can be used effectively as accent colors.


In staging, you want the prospective buyer to envision themselves living there. De-personalization and minimization is the key. In an occupied home, your personal taste and style will be showcased


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