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atmosphere is crucial to making the home emotionally-desirable. Decorative touches of greenery, flowers, and candles give life to a room. Appropriate wall art (hung at eye level) can do the same. A bedroom that has one bed with one pillow and blanket will make the room seem bare and lonely. You could add a night stand with a lamp and a rocking chair draped with a lap blanket, to heighten its appeal. Be sure to add elements of the same color, shape, or texture to unify the room. But also include a "pop" of color here and there. Learn to strike a balance between staging and living in your home. The main goal is to keep your home clean and free of clutter that distracts would-be buyers. Even simple things can make a big impact on the final sale price of a home. Staging done well is one of those things! I am a certified professional home stager and color expert. My staging is included with any of my listings.


Home sellers often ask whether they should stay in their home while it is on the market, or go. There are pros and cons to both, depending upon your situation. Some people need to move by a specific deadline. Others can be more casual about the timing. If the seller has hired a real estate agent, the burden of showing the home is virtually eliminated. The agent will field all calls, set appointments, and show the home according to your wishes. If you stay in your home, there is constant pressure to keep things in pristine condition. You'll need to leave the house for showings with as little as an hour's notice. In the first few days, the house might be shown constantly. You will also need to remove or crate pets, and perhaps interrupt children's routines.


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