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existing ones. The aim is to make sure each area of the home is effectively lit. Kitchen and bathrooms are pivotal rooms. These two areas can make or break a sale. The combination of ambient, natural, and pendant light can bring out the best in your kitchen space. Mounting lighting underneath cabinets gives the counters a chance to shine aesthetically and functionally. Make sure the light over the sink area is sufficient and working properly. If you have a hood over the stove, install clear bulbs to ensure the brightest light. Lighting in the bathroom needs to be intense without being harsh. Soft lighting enhances any part of the house you want to highlight. Lamps strategically placed will give the bedrooms a peaceful, restful feel. Make sure the closet light is bright enough for the space.


Your home’s value can be downgraded by the buyer if your floors are in bad shape. On the flip side, if your home’s flooring is well done and in excellent condition, buyers will be more willing to pay more for it. Maximizing profit without compromising investment dollars is the goal, but if flooring and carpeting are not in salable shape, you need to take inventory. There is no point in spending money unnecessarily if the improvements do not add significant value or help the home sell quickly; however, there are options that don’t break the budget. Repairing and thoroughly cleaning the floors are the least expensive way. Take stock by examining all floors. Move furniture out of the way and make notes regarding condition, stains, or


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