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blemishes. Carpets can be steam cleaned to eliminate stains and odors. If the carpets are path-worn and dull, you might want to choose other kinds of flooring such as luxury vinyl tile, or engineered hardwood or laminate. Hardwood flooring can be easily refinished if the wood is worn or water damaged. Seek the advice of a flooring professional because real wood floors add a level of quality to a home that laminate floors cannot match.


When making upgrades to the kitchen and bath, be aware of what constitutes a substantial investment. The key is to consider mass appeal for the sake of resale value. One homeowner decided to add a backsplash and more cabinet space in the kitchen plus updated the appliances and refinished the oak flooring. Her total cost was $4,000. The seller kept the llist price comparable to sales in the area but ended up selling for $27,000 more than the asking price because interested buyers started a bidding war! You do not need to bust your budget to sell your home, but you do want to have mass appeal. Kitchens are pivotal in home appeal. Here are some suggestions of what you can do to your kitchen and bath to impress buyers without losing ROI: • Paint neutral colors. • Add a new backsplash in kitchen. • Install new countertops if dated or if you need to bring the home up to current area standards. • Add new, multifunctional kitchen faucets to add mass appeal. • Add cabinet space or increase storage in the pantry.


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